The 14 principles of innate thinking.

Guillaume Dechambenoit
1 min readSep 19, 2017
  1. Every mind is characterized by a set of thoughts
  2. Every thought is conditioned by a dynamic environment
  3. Every environment is a set of interdependent elements
  4. Every element can be simplified by sub-elements
  5. Every element and sub-element are made up of information
  6. Every information network constitutes a system
  7. Every system is an infinite source of problems
  8. Every problem possesses an infinite number of solutions
  9. Every solution is creation
  10. Every creation is action
  11. Every action transforms the environment
  12. Every transformation is a source of experience
  13. Every experience is a source of knowledge
  14. Knowledge defines a human mind.
Guillaume Dechambenoit

Thinker, designer and consultant specialized in applied cognitive science, art and technology. Creative director @ Maison Figurae and Consultant @ Kanyon Ctd